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How to construct your own estimate for your future construction project.

We notice in our customer base that it can be quite difficult to get even a rough estimate of the costs of your project. That’s why we decided to write our own comprehensive overview of what to expect to spend on certain parts of the renovation. All the prices mentioned are excluding VAT. The VAT on materials is always 21% and on labor the VAT that must be paid is 21%. There are just a couple exceptions: VAT on painting, plastering and insulating is 9%, but only if the building is more than 2 years old.

Please keep in mind, in these examples we use our experiences gained while doing work in the region of Amsterdam. A typical house/ apartment is around 80sqm² and is built from 1960-2000s. In older houses we often have to add structural and insulating improvements in the flooring, walls and roofing.


Bathroom renovation:

When renovating a bathroom, we first must dismantle/demolish the old bathroom. Based on the plans made, we adjust the shape, size and layout of the bathroom. The existing plumbing  is replaced as much as possible in order to guarantee no leaks. Naturally, water pipes and drainage pipes are concealed in the wall and/or floor, and it might not be always possible to replace the whole system. In general our customers choose to create an walk-in shower with drain.

We prepare the walls for tile as soon as the plumbing is completed. Coarse irregularities will be removed before the wall can accept the tiles. All corners are made waterproof with bilge tape. The walls are tiled all the way up to the ceiling. When tiling the bathroom, we take into account a nice distribution of the tiles and the tile pattern.  As soon as the tiling is done we apply grouting for a waterproof finished wall. The last step is to install the shower, faucets and any furniture.

Usually we also offer the customer to construct a lowered ceiling with dimmable LED spots.We dispose of demolition waste in a container ordered for this purpose.

The costs for a bathroom renovation vary widely and depend on the size, lay out and finishes that are chosen.

Price indication: €10,000 – €25,000


Beton ciré:

As an alternative to tiles, you can choose to water proof the bathroom with beton ciré, concrete stucco. To prevent cracking the surface that takes the beton ciré must be load-bearing, firm and rigid. Beton ciré is applied in several layers and takes a lot of work and time, each layer needs to dry at least one day. The water resistance of the material is due to the mixing of a special resin in the last finishing layer.

Price indication: €160 p/m²


Kitchen, preparing for placement and placing the cabinets:

When purchasing a kitchen, you can choose to let us take care to do the placement of the kitchen. When purchasing, the kitchen supplier provides technical drawings of the kitchen in which it is indicated exactly where the wall outlets for electricity, water for the faucets and drains should be located. Based on the supplied drawing we do the preparation for placing the new kitchen. Part of this is adjusting the circuit breaker for electric cooking (induction).

When installing the kitchen it is important that the wall where the kitchen is mounted to is flat, and when the kitchen is in a corner, that the corner is square. In addition, the rear wall must be solid (brick, concrete or sand lime bricks) and not made of just plasterboard. IF the wall is just a plasterboard wall we must install OSB boards to mount the kitchen to.

Once the kitchen has been placed and installed, we tile a ‘backsplash’ behind the counter top. In this example we assume the kitchen cabinets are supplied as cupboards and do not have to be assembled on site.

Price indication: €5,000 – €10,000



Once the structural work has been completed, the house can be plastered. Plaster (stucco) can be applied to many different surfaces. It is important that the surface is load-bearing, firm and rigid. Its possible to apply plaster to any plaster board, concrete brick and sand lime bricks. Unfortunately wood is a “living” material which expands and contracts.  As a general rule one cannot apply plaster to it. For the correct adhesion, the surface is first treated with the correct primer. The price is quoted per square meter.

Price indication: €25 – €30 p/m²



When renovating a home, the electrical work is essetntial. When adjusting the house layout, switches and light points must be relocated. In old homes, the sockets and switches are often mounted  high upon the wall, we lower these and pull new wires from the conduit box. Often we also make sure the new installation offers the extra safety of adding a ground wire.

If necessary, we update or install a new circuit breaker with extra breakers.
In this price indication we will also install new sockets for the washing machine/dryer and prepare the bathroom for LED spots, mirror lighting and sockets.

To relocate the switches and sockets  we often have to drill and mill in walls and possibly the floor.

Price indication: €5,000



The plumbing work concerns everything that has to do with water and gas. Think of your water pipes, drains, central heating, floor heating, electric boiler and gas powered boiler.

We carry out the work that needs to be done to update the current system up to regulations. While doing this we take in consideration the wishes of the customer. Our preference is always to be as thorough as possible, so we prefer to replace the water pipes from where they enter the house. When placing a new boiler or servicing it its extremely important to check the flue gas outlet. All this to ensure that the plumbing is safe and will work for a long time again. Depending on the home insulation, floor finish and preference of the customer, we often advise you to consider floor heating. This is often cheaper than replacing radiators and provides more livable space.

Price indication: €5,000



We paint small surfaces in a toilet or bathroom ourselves. If the entire house needs to be painted, we always engage one of our regular subcontractors.

In this example we offer the walls, ceilings and interior frames and doors to be repainted or sprayed.

Price indication: €4.000 – €8.000


Flooring, prices to be determined

When renovating a home, the floor is often the last thing to be finished. It is important to know when moving walls or kitchens, the floor must be supplemented at the location of the old walls or kitchens.

We have to ensure the floor is installed level. And there are no uneven surfaces. In some cases its necessary to renovate the subflooring as well. We can also advise you in which type of flooring is most suitable for you, not all floors are suited for floor heating for example.

The choice of floors is huge, and prices differ a lot. it is difficult to give a price indication. If you would like to make a cost estimate for yourself, purchasing and installing a beautiful floor is realistic for €90 p/m².


Estimated amount

Based on the indicative prices, a cost overview can look like this:

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